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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ordinary life......

Hmmmmmm, life becomes ordinary again. Everyday doing the same thing, going to work and come back in the evening..... and so on. Nothing special happens these days.......

Well it's nearly the end of the year. Wow, how fast the time has passed. It surely has wings. Now it's time to look in to the next year and plan for it. What should I do......? Well, have to think about that deeply.

Taking a look at the past year (i.e. 2008), it is one of my milestones. Simply because I had finished my "full-time student" life and got a job. So sad to left the university and friends, but above all I got a new life. Now my base should be my job, and I have to built on that.
I have to sit for some exams during the next year also, and hope to pass them on first-try. So that, I can look into my career path.

Well, thinking on all that, the upcoming year would be one with a lot of fun, responsibilities and definitely fallbacks. I have to prepare for that all, and I am........

Monday, 17 November 2008

Hard days.....

I'm so busy these days on my studies, because on this Thursday, 20th Nov. I'm sitting for CIMA.

I started to follow the CIMA course 2 years back, together with my friend Damitha and still we are continuing it. So this time him and myself are doing 2 subjects each, i.e. Financial Accounting and Tax Principles [FATP] and Integrated Management [IM].

This time we find it pretty difficult, because both Damitha and me are now doing jobs. Last time we were undergraduates and we had the leisure time we want. But now obviously it is hard to find a time to study. But somehow we managed it, and now it left only 3 more days for the exam.

I hope both of us can pass it somehow. For me, well........, my aim is to get the pass mark (i.e. 50 0ut of 100). May all the gods be with me this time ....... Oops sorry Damitha, may all those gods be with you also............

Saturday, 8 November 2008


Today is a kind of busy day for me. We have a temple nextdoor and I am a teacher at the dhamma school there. So I spent every Sunday morning there, with sharing my knowledge on Buddhism with my dear students.

So today, the temple had it's
Katina Pinkama, which held every year. As I am a teacher there we participate and help it for success.

Let me introduce some of my fellow staff there and some of my friends,

(from left : Puvasala akka, Dilup Kumari, Disna akka, Madhushan malli, Pushpakumara aiya and me)

Those are some of my fellow staff @
daham pasala, they are really very good friends and we feel as one family when we work together. Following are some other friends of mine,

(from left : Oshan, Indika and Sujeeva)

So all of us, with the help of others held the pinkama successfully, and at the end of the day we were very happy as you can see from the pictures.

I feel so lucky to have those friends with me......

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Got back to Ogame

Ogame is one of my favorites at university, which is an online game, as most of you know.

Once I left the campus I didn't find the time to play it. But Yesterday, I started it again.

Now I'm at Universe 40 under the name "Devinda"........ Hope to enjoy it.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Got into the world of Mobile Broadband

Yesterday was a very happy and lucky day for me, because I got a new Dialog HSDPA mobile broadband connection.

At the same time there is a little story behind that. Here it is.........
Yesterday morning I went to
buy the connection from one of the Dialog Future centers with one of my friend, Gayan. Both of us are working at the same place, he is from University of Peradeniya, and I'm from University of Moratuwa. We went there to get the broadband connection specially given to University students (either undergraduate or postgraduate). Both of us have completed the degree and still waiting for the transcripts, which means we are no longer in the campus, so literally not eligible to get the connection given to university students. But as we didn't return the University IDs (because of the transcripts are not given), we thought we could take it.
At the Future Center, I got lucky to buy the connection while Gayan face the music. He hadn't been allowed to buy the connection. But because I got it, we leave the place without saying a word. So I got the connection, but not Gayan. But the funny story is this......
Later in the afternoon, Gayan went to another Dialog ARCADE and bought the Univerity connection without any problem. So what should I say........... This is really, really stupid........ Well that's how it goes.............

Friday, 24 October 2008

On your mark.... Get set...... Go..........

Hello everyone, sorry for those who visit me earlier that I didn't post anything. So let me introduce myself here first.

I'm Devinda Abayagunawardana, an Assistant Engineer working at Dialog telekom, Sri Lanka, the no 1 mobile telecommunication provider in the country. So obviously I find my self packed with work most of the time, but from today onwards, I'd update my blog as frequently as I can.
Then about my family. I have one sister and she is sitting to GCE (O/L) exam at the end of this year. My father is working at Commissioner of Motor Traffic and my mother is an Audit examiner.
So that's about me. Now let me tell you about my friends.......

Well, I can't think where I should start. Ok let me start with my old school friends. There are many, but form them 2 are special, Sajith and Terrence.
Here they are;

From left : Sajith (rodda), Me (of course), Terrence (lokka).

They are my first friends. Then I would mention 3 other names, Anusha (to Anusha's blog), Tharaka (to Tharaka's blog) and Damitha.
Here's a crazy picture of us.

From left to right & top to bottom : Anusha, me, Damitha and Tharaka

We are friends form school time, but strengthen the friendship after we join the University, that is University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

So those are my closest. You probably would get to know about others afterwords.

Well that seems to be enough for the day. I'll post a lot in the future as I find the time for it.