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Monday, 17 November 2008

Hard days.....

I'm so busy these days on my studies, because on this Thursday, 20th Nov. I'm sitting for CIMA.

I started to follow the CIMA course 2 years back, together with my friend Damitha and still we are continuing it. So this time him and myself are doing 2 subjects each, i.e. Financial Accounting and Tax Principles [FATP] and Integrated Management [IM].

This time we find it pretty difficult, because both Damitha and me are now doing jobs. Last time we were undergraduates and we had the leisure time we want. But now obviously it is hard to find a time to study. But somehow we managed it, and now it left only 3 more days for the exam.

I hope both of us can pass it somehow. For me, well........, my aim is to get the pass mark (i.e. 50 0ut of 100). May all the gods be with me this time ....... Oops sorry Damitha, may all those gods be with you also............

1 comment:

Tharaka Devinda said...

care to lend one or two of those gods to help me stay awake in the CCNA class.??

How the heck is the class going to bother the CIMA that much :(

Anyway, pass it you two...otherwise we'll never hear the end of the story how you failed... :D

may (all the gods - one or two you're lending me) be with you two!!!