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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Got into the world of Mobile Broadband

Yesterday was a very happy and lucky day for me, because I got a new Dialog HSDPA mobile broadband connection.

At the same time there is a little story behind that. Here it is.........
Yesterday morning I went to
buy the connection from one of the Dialog Future centers with one of my friend, Gayan. Both of us are working at the same place, he is from University of Peradeniya, and I'm from University of Moratuwa. We went there to get the broadband connection specially given to University students (either undergraduate or postgraduate). Both of us have completed the degree and still waiting for the transcripts, which means we are no longer in the campus, so literally not eligible to get the connection given to university students. But as we didn't return the University IDs (because of the transcripts are not given), we thought we could take it.
At the Future Center, I got lucky to buy the connection while Gayan face the music. He hadn't been allowed to buy the connection. But because I got it, we leave the place without saying a word. So I got the connection, but not Gayan. But the funny story is this......
Later in the afternoon, Gayan went to another Dialog ARCADE and bought the Univerity connection without any problem. So what should I say........... This is really, really stupid........ Well that's how it goes.............

1 comment:

Tharaka Devinda said...

You crooks.!!

Wait till I tell the DTL HR about this!!! :P

Anyway, we should get that damn thing for free.