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Friday, 24 October 2008

On your mark.... Get set...... Go..........

Hello everyone, sorry for those who visit me earlier that I didn't post anything. So let me introduce myself here first.

I'm Devinda Abayagunawardana, an Assistant Engineer working at Dialog telekom, Sri Lanka, the no 1 mobile telecommunication provider in the country. So obviously I find my self packed with work most of the time, but from today onwards, I'd update my blog as frequently as I can.
Then about my family. I have one sister and she is sitting to GCE (O/L) exam at the end of this year. My father is working at Commissioner of Motor Traffic and my mother is an Audit examiner.
So that's about me. Now let me tell you about my friends.......

Well, I can't think where I should start. Ok let me start with my old school friends. There are many, but form them 2 are special, Sajith and Terrence.
Here they are;

From left : Sajith (rodda), Me (of course), Terrence (lokka).

They are my first friends. Then I would mention 3 other names, Anusha (to Anusha's blog), Tharaka (to Tharaka's blog) and Damitha.
Here's a crazy picture of us.

From left to right & top to bottom : Anusha, me, Damitha and Tharaka

We are friends form school time, but strengthen the friendship after we join the University, that is University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

So those are my closest. You probably would get to know about others afterwords.

Well that seems to be enough for the day. I'll post a lot in the future as I find the time for it.


Tharaka Devinda said...

Well done...Greetings from me and Nadeera :D

Keep posting

gayan said...

Dont lie about your work and things machan, coz I'll be watching.