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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sad days.......

First, let me wish all the Sinhala and Tamil brothers and sisters, a very happy New Year. But for me, this year is not at all good. The latest addition to it, is my grandfathers departure. Let me tell you about it a little.

It was 6th April (Monday), which started as a normal day; I went to office and do my usual work; returned home around 7.30 pm. So I had a shower, and a cup of tea, as usual. It was around 8.15, where my sister came to know that my grandfather, who was paralyzed for about 2 months, pass away. He was with us for the past 20 years (well, as long as I can remember) and aged 93 on death. It is a big miss, especially for me, because he was the one with me all the time, from my little ages. I loved to listen to his stories in those days. I, with my friends sit around him to hear those beautiful stories about princes & princesses, kings & queens, animals, wars, etc... Ahhhh, those are lovely days.

So, with the help of our relatives and neighbors, we took the cremation on 8th (Wednesday) and we had an arms giving for bhikkus on 12th (Sunday). So we didn't celebrate the new year this time, which was celebrated on 13th and 14th.

As of to our religion (i.e. Buddhism), we believe that my grandfather will attain Nirvana during his non-ending life. I wish he would born as my grandfather again and again during my long life-cycle.

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Tharaka Devinda said...

Sad indeed...
The stories..yes, they have a lot of stories up their sleeve. I remember my Grandma used to have some handy all the time. Wonder whether we'll remember any to tell our grandchildern. Anyways, you've been damn lucky to have him for 20 years man.!! and 93, he's seen the start and end of many things I guess.
May he attain Nibbana!