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Monday, 20 April 2009

My New Ride

Last Friday, I got my new bike, Hero Honda, Splendor NXG 100CC black. Here's a photo.

Well, I hadn't been able to take it anywhere in the week-end. Still have to register and insure. So without those I can't put it out. Have to get it fast to take my first visit, may be to Anusha's place on this weekend.

At the same time, I am advised not to go beyond 40 kmph, until the 1st service; that would be after 750 km. That is a big ask for me. OMG, I want to go fast........ But have to wait, yeap I know that. SLOW AND LOW, IS ALWAYS THE FLOW......


Tharaka Devinda said...

Go slow you crackhead!
That thing won't manage much speed. It will go to about 60~70 km/h, but over that, no way.

Anyways, Congratz!! Great Ride. Hope you're able to bring it on Saturday.

seneth devinda said...

Well, the speedometer says 140 kmph, so i think it can do 100, right? I won't try it near future anyway....
I'll bring it on next Saturday.